How Do Bumpers Work?

How Do Bumpers Work?

When is the last time you’ve given some thought to your car’s bumper? Chances are, it is not something that you think of often, but your bumper actually plays an important role in keeping you and your car safe during a collision. Bumpers tend to experience damage in even minor accidents, but fortunately, they are relatively easy to repair by a qualified auto body shop. Here is what you need to know about your car’s bumpers.

Bumpers are designed for low-speed collisions.

Although auto accidents happen in many different ways, a large number of accidents involve low-speed collisions in parking lots, on side streets, and at stoplights. Bumpers can absorb the energy from those collisions and prevent damage from occurring to the rest of your car. Without the protection of a bumper, a minor collision could cause significant and costly damage to your car.  With a bumper, there is a buffer to absorb the crash, making collision repair faster and more affordable than it would be otherwise.

All bumpers are not the same.

Bumpers vary greatly in their ability to protect cars during an accident. Federal regulations provide minimum standards that bumpers have to meet, but bumpers that meet those minimum standards will not provide the same level of protection as higher end bumpers. Both the components used to build the bumper and the overall design can impact the effectiveness. Some car manufacturers design bumpers that don’t extend beyond the body of the car for aesthetic purposes, but those bumpers don’t provide much attention in the case of an accident. Keep in mind that federal standards for bumpers do not apply to SUVs.

Bumpers can be repaired or replaced after a collision.

If a bumper is dented, your auto body shop may be able to fix the dents. If the damage significant or if a hole or crack is in the bumper, then it may need to be replaced. The cost of doing so will depend on your make of car.

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